Zookap Help Center Claims and copyrights


We respect the individual property of others and we expect our users to do the same. If you own the copyrights for a video and believes that you are victim of a copyright violation, please feel free tom contact us by addressing a copyright infringement notice, so we could take the appropriate measures to solve that issue. Your request should include the following:

  1. The correct identification of the copyrighted work claimed to be infringed

  2. Providing the URL or URLs leading to such material

  3. Sufficient information allowing us to contact the complaining party, such as : (complete address, phone number, electronic mail address, fax number)

  4. A statement by you under penalty of perjury specifying that the information provided is accurate, and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright's owner behalf

  5. Your electronic or physical signature

  6. You may submit this information by email at :[email protected]

Notification to Restore Removed Content

If you believe that your content has been removed by mistake or misunderstanding, you could send us a counter notification including the following information:

  1. Your name, address, telephone number, electronic mail address, fax number
  2. The url or urls leading to such material
  3. A statement under penalty of perjury, clamming that your content was removed or disabled by mistake or misidentification
  4. Your electronic or physical signature

You may submit this information via email at: [email protected]

Infringer Policy

Zookap reserves the right to terminate user accounts, that are willfully violating or disregarding the terms of service. Each user must take into account that the materials they publish do not violate any third-party copyright. Zookap will automatically remove materials in accordance to the DMCA Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA).

DMCA Complaint

A DMCA Complaint is taking into account each time the content or material is removed from the user account due to a DMCA notice.

Repeat Infringers

After three (3) DMCA strikes or complaints, Zookap will terminate your account. We may also terminate user accounts fewer than three (3) DMCA complaints for users with history of transgressing or deliberately ignoring our terms of service.