Zookap Help Center Upload videos

The Homepage

The homepage discloses the most recent videos; when you sign in you will see all your recent videos including your subscriptions, recommanded videos based on your user's experience.

Recent videos

Whenever you have uploaded videos to your Zookap account they will be displayed at the top of your home page; starting from the most recent.

My feed

Your feed will apear at the top of the page when you login to your account; your feed is based on your user's experience such as people you've been subscribed to and videos you've been watching along the way.Your subscribers will be displayed on the sidebar located at the left hand side of your homepage.

What is subscription?

When you subscribes to a member channel you will get the latest updates from that member on your feed. Subscription is a better way to connect users share contents and receive updates; it alow users to keep up with people and activity on Zookap. Subscription updates appears on your page on real time

Subscription is a great feature on Zookap:

  • This is the best and fastest way to stay connected to others activity on Zookap
  • It gives you the possibility to browse user's video repertoire and enjoy what you prefered
  • It increases your social network
  • Subscription makes content sharing simpler and much easier

Unsubscribe to a member's channel

If you have been subscribed to a user's channel you can unsubscribe in just one click:

  • Go to the user's channel by clicking his username or his picture icon
  • This will open the user's profile page
  • Click the subscribe button located at the bottom right hand corner of the poster image
  • The subscribe button will change from its gray color to red; in other words from subscribe (1) to subscribe (0).